Retreats & Holidays

Church Retreats and Holidays

Occasional retreats and holidays are organised providing the opportunity for people to go away together to relax and find spiritual refreshment. We have had week long holidays on Holy Island Northumberland at the URC St Cuthbert’s Centre. We have been to Corrymeela Centre for Reconciliation in Northern Ireland. We went to Lee Abbey in Devon for a church weekend in 2011. We have been having church family based weekends at the Sheldon Centre in Devon since 2012. Groups have attended the Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival and Spring Harvest in April.

What is happening in 2017?

Hill House

After five wonderful years at Sheldon, we moved our church family weekend to the larger site of Hill House in Somerset which had a wider range of activities. 

Accommodation was in shared family rooms and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities and discussion sessions were available.