Dursley and Cam Child Contact Centre


Dursley and Cam Child Contact Centre

The Dursley and Cam Child Contact Centre is a place where children can enjoy contact with parents from whom they are separated. The Centre is fully accredited by the National Association of Child Contact Centre (NACCC) as a ‘supported’ Centre.

The Centre provides a safe, neutral place where children can enjoy time with the parent they do not live with. There is a separate ‘waiting room’ for the parent the child/ren live with to wait in during the contact session.  If parents do not wish to meet, this is respected and provided for.

The Centre is run by volunteers who offer a warm and friendly atmosphere with toys and games available, they are not observing, watching your every move or keeping any records. The only records the Centre maintains are times and dates of attendance.

All families must apply and go through an interview process and subject to acceptability/agreements/space a place may be offered.  Clients can self-refer or be referred by a professional.

The purpose of the Centre is to enable the parents to establish strong relationships with their children and for the parents to build trust and confidence in their child contact arrangements that will enable them to move on.  A Contact Centre is a short term facility.

There is NO registration or session fee – it is a free service run by volunteers.

The centre is open every other Saturday from 2pm – 4pm

For further information OR to apply:

Call the Co-ordinator on 07824 872854

OR Email:



Where to find the Centre:

Community Rooms

Tabernacle United Reform Church,

3 Parsonage Street

GL11 4BW


Child Contact Centre Revised Leaflet – 15 Aug 2017

Refer to Centre Leaflet for map